HBDI® Certification Workshop - Level 1

The workshop equips you to successfully implement the complete foundation stage.

This includes:



Workshop outcomes (2 Days)

At the end of the 2 day workshop participants will thoroughly understand:

  • the HBDI®—its validation, the research behind it, and its development and application
  • the Whole Brain® Model—how it applies to business, education and daily life
  • the HBDI® De-brief Process—how to use the HBDI® Individual Profile with individuals and groups

Workshop materials

During the workshop you will receive:

Workshop agenda

Day 1

  • Workshop objectives and outcomes
  • StartThinking™ a positive model of the introductory workshop
  • The role of the HBDI® practitioner—competencies and responsibilities
  • The Whole Brain® Model
  • The HBDI® Profile

Day 2

  • Debriefing the HBDI®—practice sessions
  • HBDI® Resources
  • HBDI® Statistics and Validation
  • Facilitating the HBDI®—using the HBDI® data to enhance classroom effectiveness